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JetBoil Sumo Cooking System

JetBoil Sumo Cooking System

I normally use a Primus Omnifuel for backpacking and kayaking while sometimes adding a Kelly Kettle for canoeing trips with groups.  These products have worked well for me for years, so when I was presented with the Jetboil Sumo in its retail ...

Goal Zero Nomad 7

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel

One morning I was screwing around on Facebook when I saw an advertisement that made the hair stand straight up on the back of my neck. I got the feeling, that only a gearhound can get when they see a ...

Goal Zero

DIY Fire Starters

It's fun to make your own DIY fire starters, and it's very simple. After reading this tutorial, you won't need to buy chemical fire starters. You will soon thank your old friend the Big Bear (me) for ...


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